CCS 10-80 RC

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The Granulating Line CCS 10-80 RC by DIOSNA, a granulation line for pilot scale with a highly flexible range of batch sizes.

The Granulating Line CCS 10-80 RC by DIOSNA is a combination of the mixer-granulator P/VAC 10-80 RC and the fluid bed dryer CAP 10-80 RC. Both parts of the plant are designed in the rapid change mode. Rapid Change (RC) stands for the fast and flexible change of the mobile material bowl which comes in different sizes. This results in the significant benefit of increasing the capacity of this Granulation Line in pilot scale to a wide range of batch sizes from 10 to 80 L.
Both pieces of equipment are operated from a common operator interface, but can also be run independent. This is supported by the possibility that the dryer is usable as a fluid bed processor by adding top-/bottom-/tangential-spraying-systems and the mixer-granulator as a single-pot-processer when delivered in a vacuum-dryer design. A through-the-wall installation and a 12 bar pressure-shock proof design are selectable like WIP/CIP cleaning and PAT-systems.



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