CPhi Preview 2013: Jost Chemicals

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2013 CPhI Exhibitor Preview

Company: Jost Chemical Co.


Description: For almost 30 years, Jost Chemical Co. has manufactured high purity inorganic chemicals for use in API synthesis, as pH buffers, as process intermediates, and in cell culture media and protein synthesis. Jost’s FDA registered site operates under bulk pharmaceutical cGMP. Jost is a global supplier of high purity salts that meet USP/EP/BP/JP monographs, are BSE/TSE free, and Kosher and Halal certified. Our wide selection of 250 + products includes carbonates, nitrates, phosphates and sulfates. Jost also offers DMF and ASMF developments.

Website: www.jostchemical.com

Booth Number: Hall 5.1 Stand D40