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IMA is world leader in the design and manufacture of automatic machines and complete lines for the processing and packaging of pharmaceutical products.


Continuous Manufacturing is one of the main drivers of innovation in the pharmaceutical production sector. CROMA, the new continuous tablet coating equipment, is IMA’s first step in this direction.



IMA Active is working on the continuous process by rethinking currently known technologies in order to bring new proposals for customers to the market as quickly as possible. When it comes to technologies for solid oral form production, IMA Active has chosen to start with the tablet coating process because it comes between two intrinsically continuous processes already managed by IMA machines: tablet pressing and packaging. CROMA, the new continuous tablet coating equipment, is sized to work downstream of a medium-speed tablet press.


IMA is committed to supporting the change towards Continuous Manufacturing. CROMA is the first step towards continuous production. IMA’s team is ready to welcome the demand for innovation coming from companies and stakeholders, working together to design the future of pharmaceutical manufacturing.


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Company name: IMA S.p.A. - Active division