Cytiva Provides Another FlexFactory Single-Use Platform for AkesoBio’s Manufacturing Expansion

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AkesoBio’s expanded manufacturing capacity, enabled by the addition of another Cytiva FlexFactory platform, will be used to meet current and future market needs in China as well as worldwide.

On April 27, 2021, Cytiva announced that it will provide another FlexFactory single-use platform for Chinese biopharmaceutical company, AkesoBio, to expand AkesoBio’s manufacturing capacity for biologics at its 6 x 2000-L manufacturing space. The expanded capacity will be used to meet market needs in China as well as future global market needs.Cytiva partnered with AkesoBio on their first FlexFactory platform in 2016, creating the first biological agent production facility in Southern China to adopt flexible factory technology with a central control system, Cytiva stated in a company press release. The platform enabled AkesoBio to quickly produce clinical drugs in the shortest production cycle, at a lower operating cost. In addition, the platform gave AkesoBio the flexibility to quickly switch between various drug candidates, according to the press release.

In the same year, AkesoBio and Cytiva jointly established the "Southern Antibody Drug Process Development Joint Laboratory" to help AkesoBio achieve efficient process innovation. In 2019, the companies partnered again to produce a 4 x 2000-L FlexFactory platform for the commercial production of AkesoBio research drugs.

“The cooperation with Cytiva lays a solid foundation for AkesoBio to become the world-leading enterprise in the R&D, production, and commercialization of the next-generation affordable innovative therapeutic antibodies. Cytiva’s FlexFactory platform enables conformation with the relevant regulations of NMPA [National Medical Products Administration], FDA [Food and Drug Administration], and EMA [European Medicines Agency]. This, along with its single-use technology and modularity, helps facilitate our drug development to the maximum extent and achieve GMP [good manufacturing practice] production quickly,” said Michelle Xia, PhD, founder, chairman, and CEO of AkesoBio, in the press release.


“Our collaboration with AkesoBio is long standing. We have remained committed to their success since they first opened their doors eight years ago. As they have grown, we have provided the solutions, expertise, and guidance to approach each new milestone with speed and efficiency,” added Olivier Loeillot, vice-president of BioProcess, Cytiva, in the press release.

Source: Cytiva