Drop-On-Demand Manufacturing System for the Flexible Production of Solid Oral Dosage Forms

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Keynote SeriesPharmaceutical Technology is sponsoring a sponsoring a Keynote Series session on innovations in solid dosage development and manufacturing on the INTERPHEX 2016 Exhibit Hall Innovation Stage. Admission is free to any attendee with an exhibit hall pass.

Tuesday, April 26
Innovations in Solid Dosage Development and Manufacturing
Oral solid-dosage forms are the leading drug delivery method, but new development and manufacturing technologies are offering new options for patients. Experts will discuss advances in new solid dosage forms.

1–1:30 pm
Drop-On-Demand Manufacturing System for the Flexible Production of Solid Oral Dosage Forms
Dropwise additive manufacturing of pharmaceutical products (DAMPP) is an alternative to conventional pharmaceutical manufacturing methods for oral solid dosage products that uses drop-on-demand printing technology for automated and controlled deposition of solution-, melt- or suspension-based formulations onto edible substrates. The advantages of drop-on-demand technology, include highly reproducible production of small droplets, adjustable drop sizing, high placement accuracy, and flexible adaptability for different formulations. These features enable production of individualized dosing even for low-dose and high-potency drugs. This presentation describes the key component of the DAMPP system, including the automation, temperature control, image processing and deposit monitoring methods; and use of DAMPP to produce solid oral dosage forms on both polymer films and placebo tablets. Experience in the production of amorphous deposits is also summarized. 

Speaker: Arun Giridhar s a staff scientist in Chemical Engineering at Purdue University. His expertise is in the pharmaceutical production of personalized dosage forms by precision printing.

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