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Emergent Bioservices Capabilties Overview
Emergent Bioservices offers development services, drug substance, and drug product manufacturing for biological products, from clinical through commercialization. Download our overview brochure to learn more about how we can support your next development or manufacturing program.

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Facility Spotlight: Comprehensive Fill/finish Solutions for Biologics
Located just 10 minutes from Emergent headquarters, our 70,000 sq. ft. Rockville, MD (USA) facility provides drug product manufacturing for vaccines and therapeutics. We have the capabilities to fill, lyophilize, inspect, label, package, and store vaccine products. Clients collaborating with our drug product team can leverage our groninger® INTEGRA, a high-speed vial filling line. With an integrated SKAN isolator, the INTEGRA is ideal for large-scale clinical and commercial fill/finish projects. Within the facility, we also offer automated visual inspection and packaging and labeling solutions. Learn how Emergent can help advance your next fill/finish manufacturing program.

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How to Mitigate Risk for Biologics During Fill/Finish Manufacturing
As more biologics move through research and development, the demand for specialized aseptic fill/finish services has steadily climbed. Aseptic processing with the highest degree of sterility assurance, filling accuracy and quality is critical for high-value, small-batch therapies. Anything less impacts regulatory compliance, project timelines and—most importantly—patient safety. This white paper explores the specialized equipment, expertise, and services needed for efficient biologics fill/finish manufacturing. Download the white paper to learn more.

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