Evonik Launches Next-Generation Liposomal Drug Manufacturing Equipment

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Evonik’s LIPEX Flow extruder is a new version of its high-pressure equipment for manufacturing liposomal drug products.

Evonik Health Care, an integrated contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) that offers excipients, formulation technologies, and clinical and commercial manufacturing, is also offering a new version of its established LIPEX liposome extruder. The next-generation equipment, LIPEX Flow, will be available worldwide beginning in November, the company announced in an Oct. 15, 2021 press release. Evonik also uses the equipment in-house in its CDMO operations, the company says.

LIPEX Flow meets the market need for more efficient, next-generation high pressure extruders to produce drug products requiring conventional liposomal drug delivery, including drugs for oncology, vaccines, and other applications. Lipid-based particles, in particular conventional liposomes, provide a versatile and flexible drug delivery platform for several classes of APIs including small molecules, drug-lipid conjugates, proteins, and peptides, the company stated in the press release.

The company’s LIPEX extruders are used for size reduction of liposomal drug formulations to achieve a specified vesicle size in a reproducible and scalable process. The next-generation extruder’s patent-pending design maximizes the effective filter area, which results in lower extrusion pressures. The new extruder offers higher throughput, faster batch production times, and a broader operating range. It also supports the scale-up of processes from drug discovery through to good manufacturing practice at lab, pilot, intermediate, and commercial-scale volumes.


Source: Evonik