Getinge Launches New DPTE-EXO with Sleeveless DPTE-BetaBag for Aseptic Transfer

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Getinge’s new DPTE-EXO with Sleeveless DPTE-BetaBag is an alpha port with an external opening and an integrated funnel for automated aseptic transfer.

On June 30, 2022, Getinge announced the release of its new DPTE-EXO with Sleeveless DPTE-BetaBag, which offers more secure aseptic transfer. According to a company press release, the product it a first-of-its-kind alpha port that comprises an external opening and an integrated funnel. The design is aimed at securing automated aseptic transfer and improving operational efficiencies.

The new port addresses the need posed by the biopharma industry’s rising demand for throughput and automation as well as stricter good manufacturing practice requirements. The combination of a motorized external-opening alpha port with an optional funnel provides operational efficiency by reducing manual intervention. This design also frees up time for the operator. The product is a fully validated and interlocked system and, with the dismountable funnels, offers a total transfer solution from the outside to the process area. Having the external opening significantly reduces the risk of contamination, and the connectivity offers a greater degree of traceability and data analysis.

“As the industry evolves, the next generation of pharmaceutical manufacturing needs greater flexibility of the batch’s size to switch production quickly from one drug to another,” said Anneke Evers, senior director, DPTE Sales & Market Support, Getinge, in the press release.


“DPTE-EXO with Sleeveless DPTE-BetaBag supports the efforts to build safe, automated, and compliant filling lines. It’s easy to use and has several smart controls governing its safe and efficient door opening and closing and funnel movements. It also integrates a specific program with an open door and funnel position suitable for the barrier system bio-decontamination cycle,” Evers also said in the release.

Source: Getinge