Holland Die Condition Monitor

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I Holland has launched the Holland Die Condition Monitor (HDCM).

I Holland, the leading specialist manufacturer of tablet tooling for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, has recently launched the Holland Die Condition Monitor (HDCM).

HDCM is designed to monitor the condition of die bores, for any die type including multi-tips. When used at regular intervals it ensures that optimum life is achieved from dies and helps to prevent the production of damaged tablets.

A high accuracy probe is used, to measure the die bore wear (usually displayed  in the form of rings) and when used regularly it can help in the prediction  and planning of required expenditure on new die sets

HDCM can be fully integrated with I Holland’s Approve® system for a complete measurement solution, which incorporates tip diameter, barrel diameter, punch concentricity and die bore diameter.


When used as part of I Holland’s recommended PharmaCare® 7-Step Process, a professional punch and die maintenance and storage programme, HDCM assists punch and die users to ensure that critical tooling dimensions have stayed within tolerance following tool polishing or repair work, and helps to ensure proactive monitoring of tooling inventory.


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