Improving IR Spectroscopy as a Tool for Biopharmaceutical Analysis

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In the Lab eNewsletter, Pharmaceutical Technology's In the Lab eNewsletter, August 2021, Volume 16, Issue 08

A recent innovation in infrared spectroscopy, Microfluidic Modulation Spectroscopy has been shown to improve characterization of secondary protein structure.

Over the past two decades, the biopharmaceutical industry, along with the associated regulatory authorities and analytical instrument suppliers, have progressed toward clearer identification of the attributes that are critical for ensuring the quality of biopharmaceuticals and how to measure them efficiently.

The need to understand and predict these molecules’ behavior drives a requirement for new informational insights. This article puts the spotlight on infrared spectroscopy and recent innovations, including the introduction of Microfluidic Modulation Spectroscopy.


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Holly Lombardo*,, is product manager, and Matthew McGann is marketing manager; both are at RedShiftBio.

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