Innovative Softgel Solutions to Enhance Bioavailability and Patient Experience

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Catalent has over 80 years of softgel manufacturing experience, and continues to deliver innovation with technological enhancements, such as chewable softgels and coatings, and formulations to enable modified-release for Rx, OTC and consumer health products.

OptiGel Bio is a lipid based softgel technology that enables macromolecules to be delivered orally and overcome permeability and stability challenges in a more easily administered form than intravenous injection. Enteric coatings enable targeted delivery of drugs and can limit degradation of the API in the stomach.

The award-winning OptiShell platform enhances both drug therapeutic performance and patient experience. The technology allows for high-temperature encapsulation of semi-solid fill material within a non-gelatin, plant-based shell, and is ideal for the encapsulation of higher melting-point fill formulations, and the production of soft capsules containing semi-solid matrices for modified-release of poorly soluble and/or poorly permeable drug compounds.


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