January 2011 Editor's Picks: Products from AdvantaPure and NETZSCH Premier Technologies

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Equipment and Processing Report

Equipment and Processing Report, Equipment and Processing Report-01-19-2011, Volume 0, Issue 0

PharmTech's monthly newsletter, Equipment and Processing Report, reviews the Editor's Picks for the January 2011 edition from AdvantaPure and NETZSCH Premier Technologies.

Overmolded fittings reduce entrapment

AdvantaPure’s Overmolded Tri-Clamp Ends are suitable for applications such as transferring media, dispensing, and final filling. Because polypropylene fittings are thermally mated to the end of the tubing, the overmolded products provide a completely smooth inner diameter that reduces the opportunity for bacterial entrapment, compared with barb-type fittings. The overmolded fittings also eliminate leakage and minimize the risk of contamination because they do not rely on mechanical connections.

The Overmolded Tri-Clamp fittings are available for various sizes of polyvinyl chloride, thermoplastic elastomer, and thermoplastic rubber tubing. The fittings do not restrict flow or the inner diameter of the tubing. Clients can choose fitting models that are injection molded from US Pharmacopoeia Class VI thermoplastic polyester elastomers or polypropylene. The Tri-Clamp Ends are certified free of animal-derived ingredients and are designed to be cleaned and sterilized easily. In addition, AdvantaPure can provide molded silicone assemblies and various single-use process components.


NETZSCH Premier Technologies
Nanoparticle mills provide efficiency and control

The DeltaVita line of ultrafine nanoparticle mills from NETZSCH Premier Technologies includes devices appropriate for the wet grinding of batch sizes from 0.05 to 2000 L. The mills’ high-energy input and high flow rates in a recirculation process enable them to complete 10 cycles in the time it takes other mills to complete one. Continuous high-flow throughput ensures that the entire batch passes the mill several times before the process is completed while the batch tank is continuously agitated. The milling process is continuously monitored, which helps control the end point of the process and yield the desired product quality.

The DeltaVita mills incorporate NETZSCH’s Zeta grinding system, which uses small grinding media to produce fine end products in the nanometer range. The machines are designed for easy cleaning, repeatability, and easy validation. The units are isolated for operator safety, and their wetted parts are manufactured according to good manufacturing practice standards.