Jim Miller

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Jim Miller is a member of PharmTech's editorial advisory board (EAB) and is a contributing editor to the magazine.

Jim Miller
President, PharmSource Information Services,
Bio/Pharmaceutical Outsourcing Report

PharmTech Contributing editor, Outsourcing Outlook

Jim Miller is the founder and president of PharmSource. A preeminent expert in bio/pharmaceutical outsourcing, Jim established and presides over the pharmaceutical industry’s principal source of market intelligence on the business of contract research, development and manufacturing of bio/pharmaceuticals. PharmSource’s subscription databases, reports and consulting services are used by major pharmaceutical companies, contract manufacturers and contract research organizations to understand key market trends, identify new business opportunities and establish effective business and sourcing strategies. Jim writes regular columns on outsourcing for Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology Europe, and BioPharm magazines.


Jim’s other career highlights include a stint as president and chief operating officer of St. Anthony Publishing, a pioneering provider of value-added information services to hospitals and physician practices. He was a consultant in corporate strategy with the Boston Consulting Group, a project economist for the World Bank, and a Peace Corps volunteer in Botswana. He holds an MBA degree from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business.