Keofitt sampling bags

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The main products for this category is the unique single-use sampling bag systems allowing safe and aseptic sampling from any type of sterilizable sampling valve.

Keofitt sampling bags

The Keofitt Sampling Bags have all been developed as single-use solutions to the cumbersome and difficult task of taking a representative sample and bringing it safe and clean from the sampling point to the laboratory.

At the same time the Keofitt Sampling Bags offer convenience and safety in use and higher efficiency in the work process. No prior assembly or cleaning of any components; no glass or metal component is introduced to the production area.

All Keofitt Sampling Bags are made of medical grade plastics complying with all relevant FDA, USP and ISO regulations for both the food and the pharmaceutical/biotech industries.

The Keofitt Sampling Bags are delivered separately packed and sterilized by irradiation. In each carton a Radiation Certificate and a Certificate of Conformity are enclosed.


The Keofitt Sampling Bags are manufactured following strict in-process testing including a test for endotoxins.

The proper performance of all Keofitt Sampling Bags is supported by a number of validation documents covering SIP’ability, biocompatibility, extractables, USP Class VI, endotoxins, mechanical and chemical properties etc.

The product range comprises 4 types:

  • STERILE Sampling Bags (single bag)

  • ASEPTIC Sampling Bags (single bag with valve system for steaming)

  • SPIKE Sampling Bags (single bag)

  • Three60 Sampling Bag System (multiple bag closed system)

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