Life Science Executives Issue Call to Cut Business Ties with Russia

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Various executives in the life sciences industry have started a petition calling for “complete economic disengagement” with Russia.

Various life sciences executives, including representatives from Ovid Therapeutics, Nkarta Therapeutics, and Alnylam Therapeutics, released a paper calling for fellow businesses to cease all business involvement with Russia. Until such a time that “restoration of peace and democracy [is achieved] in a sovereign Ukraine,” the authors ask that fellow businesses:

  • Cease investment in Russian companies
  • Reject Russian investments
  • Halt collaboration or service agreements with Russian companies
  • Halt trade in goods and services with Russian companies (except for food and medicines).

“We cannot look back in the future wondering whether we could have taken stronger measures.” reads the statement. “This justifies the strongest possible economic disengagement now.”

The authors encourage all industry professionals, not just executives or those working in the life sciences industry, to sign the agreement. As of March 9, 2022, more than 850 individuals have signed the agreement. The full list of co-signatories can be found here.

Source: Medium