May 2011 Editor's Picks: Products from David Round Company and Globe Medical Tech

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Equipment and Processing Report

Equipment and Processing Report, Equipment and Processing Report-05-18-2011, Volume 0, Issue 0

PharmTech's monthly newsletter, Equipment and Processing Report, reviews the Editor's Picks for the May 2011 edition from David Round Company and Globe Medical Tech.

David Round Company
Lift tables incorporate protected hydraulic packages

The David Round Company’s 304 stainless-steel lift tables are designed for bulk-material applications in controlled pharmaceutical manufacturing environments (e.g., cleanrooms). The machines’ hydraulic packages are laid out flat on the bottom of the tables, and the cylinders are in a horizontal position. This design enables the hydraulic components to be covered, thus protecting them and reducing opportunities for contamination.

Personnel can operate the tables’ hydraulic packages with pushbutton controls. The tables can be raised from 18 in. to as high as 42 in., which is within the appropriate ergonomic range. The tables’ reinforced scissors-type lift capacity is rated at 2000 lb.

The tables are mounted on wheels for portability, and personnel can collapse them to the floor. In addition, the tables’ highly polished finish, smooth welds, and few crevices enable easy wash down.

Globe Medical Tech
Prefilled syringes enhance safety

Globe Medical Tech’s dual- and single-chamber prefilled syringes are designed to enhance safety. The syringes’ integrated needle-stick prevention feature and vacuum needle autoretraction technology provide full compliance with US and European safety regulations. After injection, the needle is retracted into the syringe body with a gentle push on the plunger. The syringe does not need any activation (e.g., twisting or capping) to engage the safety and contains no springs or metal components.

In combination with material and lubricant selections, the single- and dual-chamber syringes help maximize pharmaceutical compatibility. The dual-chamber syringe maintains the pharmaceutical components in separate chambers, thus extending the shelf life of some drugs. The syringes are made with medical-grade plastics that comply with FDA and international pharmacopoeial regulations. The plastics are compatible with a wide range of pharmaceutical drugs, and the components offer biocompatibility and low leachability. The syringes are designed to reduce dosing errors and contamination.