Metrohm’s Acquisition of B&W Tek Boosts Spectroscopy Portfolio

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Pharmaceutical Technology's In the Lab eNewsletter

In the Lab eNewsletter, Pharmaceutical Technology\'s In the Lab eNewsletter-06-05-2019, Volume 14, Issue 6

Metrohm gains B&W Tek’s line of spectroscopy instruments as well as expertise and facilities.

The acquisition of B&W Tek, an instrumentation company specializing in photonics, laser, spectrometer, and chemometric technologies, by Metrohm, a manufacturer of high-precision analytical instruments, earlier in May 2019 boosts Metrohm’s spectroscopy portofolio. As of May 1, 2019, Metrohm USA and Metrohm Canada began selling B&W Tek mobile spectroscopy solutions.

The addition of the B&W Tek products complements Metrohm’s existing Raman and near-infrared (NIR) solutions for lab and process. The acquisition includes handheld 1064-nm Raman systems and portable Raman analyzers for laboratory and field use as well as solutions for laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS). The B&W Tek products, which include NanoRam and NanoRam-1064, TacticID, i-Raman Prime, and QTRam, will maintain their respective branding during the transition.

In addition, Metrohm’s spectroscopy product development and manufacturing will expand with the addition of B&W Tek’s expertise and facilities. The company offers a complete line of analytical laboratory and process systems for titration, ion chromatography, electrochemistry, and spectroscopy.


Source: Metrohm