Milling Isolator Handles Multiple Mills

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Equipment and Processing Report

Equipment and Processing Report, Equipment and Processing Report-04-16-2014, Volume 0, Issue 0

A universal Milling Isolator from Powder Systems Limited (PSL) handles multiple mills.

Powder Systems Ltd’s (PSL’s) universal Milling Isolator is applicable for situations that require multiple mills, micronizers, or air jet mills for a single process. The isolator can be used for laboratory or full-scale processes. An explosion protection system is fully integrated into the design. The glovebox offers a nitrogen-purged environment, nanogram containment, a small area to clean, and better control over cross-contamination. Multiple drum sizes can be integrated using the drum-hoist system and pneumatically sealed docking. The glovebox features a unique L-shaped window with enhanced access for changing, stripping, and cleaning mills within the glovebox. PSL’s Milling Isolator uses a lift-up window for enhanced viewing and ergonomics.

Source: Powder Systems Limited