Wall Pass-Through System Enhances Aseptic Transfer

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Equipment and Processing Report

Equipment and Processing Report, Equipment and Processing Report-04-16-2014, Volume 0, Issue 0

The AdvantaPass wall pass-through system from AdvantaPure permits aseptic transfer of fluids between suites.

AdvantaPure’s AdvantaPass patent-pending wall pass-through technology is designed for transferring fluids between manufacturing suites during bio/pharmaceutical production. The system combines single-use tubing and isolation-chamber assemblies with in-wall, permanent stainless-steel components to eliminate cleaning validation issues between product-transfer processes. AdvantaPass offers complete isolation between manufacturing environments when transferring multiple lines of fluid through a single wall portal. Moving fluids without the need to physically move bins and totes removes the risk of breakage, spillage, and lost pharmaceutical product associated with bin transfer. The technology offers a practical, safe, secure, and easy way to move large volumes of liquids from one room to another while maintaining separate atmospheres and minimizing cross-contamination risks.

Source: AdvantaPure