Multisorb Technologies to Highlight Timesaving Program at ACHEMA

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Multisorb Technologies will be exhibiting at ACHEMA 2012 in Frankfurt, Germany, 18-20 June.

Multisorb Technologies will be exhibiting at ACHEMA 2012 in Frankfurt, Germany, 18-20 June. ACHEMA is the leading international meeting place for experts and decision-makers from chemical engineering, environmental protection, and biotechnology. Multisorb will introduce their Calculations through Operations program for the healthcare industry to the diverse international ACHEMA audience.

Drug discovery is a complex process, and as part of that process, drug candidates are evaluated for stability, which includes their propensity to degrade in the presence of oxygen or moisture. Stability testing can be a difficult and lengthy process. For oxygen and moisture sensitive drug products, incorporating an optimized sorbent solution into the early stages of the packaging design process can be an essential time saver in this highly competitive market where getting your drug to consumers quickly and safely is critical. Multisorb has developed a program that can help you meet this challenge while saving you time and money.

Multisorb’s quality-by-design (QbD) based Calculations through Operations program provides pharmaceutical manufacturers with consultation, customized sorbent solutions (desiccants, moisture regulators, oxygen absorbers, and volatile adsorbers), and reliable sorbent dispensing to ensure a drug product’s desired stability outcome is met. Calculations through Operations provide pharmaceutical companies with an unparalleled turnkey solution for promoting the stability of moisture and oxygen sensitive drugs. Through personal consultation, Multisorb’s scientists work to understand your drug product, including its degradation pathways, its packaging, and its desired shelf life.

Using this information, your drug stability outcome is predicted using empirical data and Multisorb’s pseudo-empirical SimulSorb and SimulOx modeling software. An optimized sorbent solution is recommended with the flexibility to choose Drop-In, Fit-In or Built-In sorbent solutions. For the most efficient sorbent dispensing and unparalleled reliability, Multisorb has engineered their Drop-In, spooled sorbents to function as an interdependent system with their coordinated dispenser, providing accurate and precise dispensing. Smart dispensing technology is a system feature that stands out against all competitive dispensers. Data is transmitted from the packet spool to the dispenser, so information such as lot number, manufacture date, and packet quantity is effortlessly incorporated into your quality system. Low-, mid- and high-speed models are available with many options to fit your dispensing needs. Plus, Multisorb’s dispensers are easily interfaced into virtually all packaging lines. It couldn’t be easier to get proven sorbent protection and dispensing in an all-inclusive system than with Multisorb’s Calculations Though Operations.


As part of the Calculation through Operations program Multisorb will highlight the StabilOx System and StripPax Systems. StabilOx Packets and Canisters resolve product instability issues related to oxygen degradation. This innovative product eliminates oxygen while maintaining the equilibrium relative humidity (ERH) in the package. This prevents cracking and leeching associated with over-drying, while at the same time preventing moisture-mediated degradation. The StabilOx System, comprised of StabilOx Packets or Canisters and a StabilOx Dispenser, will ensure the integrity of your oxygen sensitive drug product.

The StripPax System includes compact sorbents packets with high moisture adsorbing capacity and a StripPax Dispenser. StripPax Packets provide moisture and/or volatile adsorbing capabilities within a highly durable, non-dusting strip made from medicalgrade, uncoated Tyvek. When you need stability, you need the StripPax System. Multisorb has the solution to help you maintain product integrity, improve product stability, and extend product shelf life. To learn more about Calculations through Operations or the StabilOx and StripPax Systems, visit Multisorb at ACHEMA, booth G10, Hall 3.1.