New biopharm pumps with extensive documentation package

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Pharmaceutical Technology Europe

Alfa Laval has added two new biopharm pumps to its offering and can now meet a wider selection of customer needs at differentiated prices.

Two new pumps have now been added to the Alfa Laval range for the biopharm industry, supported by the Alfa Laval Q-doc documentation package. The SolidC UltraPure centrifugal pump and the MR UltraPure liquid ring pump join the well-known LKH UltraPure pump range, meeting a wider selection of customer needs at differentiated prices.

When designing and developing products for the biopharm industry, Alfa Laval does what it takes — and more — to ensure consistent performance and prevent contamination. From material selection to product performance, the UltraPure range meets the most stringent needs and standards, as laid out clearly in the Alfa Laval Q-doc documentation package.

Comprehensive documentation package
Step by step all products are being released with the Alfa Laval Q-doc product documentation, which provides biopharm companies with full transparency regarding sourcing, production and supply chains, and makes it easy to trace even the slightest change in materials or manufacturing procedures. Q-doc is based upon Good Documentation Practice (GDP) and comprises equipment manuals, factory acceptance and performance tests, quality and manufacturing procedures, relevant material certificates and all necessary parts and service information.

Biopharm pump overview


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