New sterile clean room wipes

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Veltek Debuts New Sterile Clean Room Wipes, including the Industry?s First Sodium Hypochlorite and Hydrogen Peroxide Clean Room Wipes.

Veltek debuts new sterile clean room wipes, including the industry’s first sodium hypochlorite and hydrogen peroxide clean room wipes.

Veltek Associates, Inc., recently debuted four new sterile clean room wipes, including the HYPO-CHLOR® Saturated Sodium Hypochlorite Wipe and the STERI-PEROX® Saturated Hydrogen Peroxide Wipe. The new wipes are manufactured in a Class 100 (Grade A, ISO 5) manufacturing area. Available in convenient multi-packs and in sterile and non-sterile formulations, the wipes give clean rooms more options for contamination control as well as less waste, less risk and lower VOCs.

The HYPO-CHLOR Saturated Sodium Hypochlorite Wipe is the industry’s first superior saturated sodium hypochlorite wipe available in .25% and 0.52%. HYPO-CHLOR wipes are ideal for aseptic and non-aseptic cleaning of intricate or sensitive locations where a spray could create an overage of residue or create false positives for environmental testing.


The STERI-PEROX Saturated Hydrogen Peroxide Wipe is the industry’s first superior ready-to-use saturated hydrogen peroxide wipe filtered at 0.2 microns. STERI-PEROX wipes leave no residue, therefore reducing the need for a follow-up IPA or EtOH wipe, which means reduced VOC reporting.Both STERI-PEROX and HYPO-CHLOR wipes are validated for sterility and shelf life and tested according to the current USP compendium and are delivered with lot specific certifications, validations and traceability.For information, visit or call 1-888-4-STERILE.

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