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Starna Scientific Ltd is the manufacturing headquarters of the Starna range of specialised products, which include photometer cells and accessories, optical components and Certified Reference materials to ISO/IEC 17025 standards.


Unique ISO/IEC 17025 FTIR Wavelength Reference




















Polystyrene film has been used as a wavelength reference for infrared spectroscopy since the early days of the technique. For those laboratories using MidIR - FTIR in a regulated environment, Starna (Hainault, UK) can now supply polystyrene film references produced within the scope of Starna’s ISO Guide 34 accreditation and certified under ISO/IEC 17025, with full traceability to a NIST Standard Reference Material (SRM 1921b). They will also comply with the newest revisions of US Pharmacopoeia General Chapters 854 and 1854 on Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy.


The references are presented as card mounted films in the conventional industry pattern. Easy to use, they simply slip into the standard sample holder of any FTIR instrument. The accompanying Certificate of Calibration lists wavenumber values for 14 peaks from 539 cm-1 to 3082 cm-1 so can be used to qualify a MidIR - FTIR spectrophotometer for wavelength accuracy over an operating range of 3.2 µm to 18.5 µm.


The references are available with two film thicknesses. For qualifying MidIR - FTIR instruments, Starna RM-1921/38 is 38µm thick. Another version, RM-1921/65, is 65µm thick and has some additional peaks in the NIR.


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