October 2011 Editor's Picks: Products from Edwards and Moyno

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Equipment and Processing Report

Equipment and Processing Report, Equipment and Processing Report-10-19-2011, Volume 0, Issue 0

PharmTech's monthly newsletter, Equipment and Processing Report, reviews the Editor's Picks for the October 2011 edition from Edwards and Moyno.

Dry pump includes tapered, variable-pitch screw technology

The CXS dry vacuum pumps from Edwards incorporate tapered, variable-pitch screw technology that enables gradual compression along the length of the rotor. As a result, users can control the temperature better than they can with other dry-pump technology.

Unlike other marketed pumps that use screw technology, the CXS pumps do not have a cantilever rotor design, and they do not have an end compression plate. The pumps thus do not compact any material when they cool down and have excellent solids handling. These characteristics help to prevent cold seizures and make it easy to restart with solids still in the pump.

The pump’s rotors are designed to not match each other exactly. When one rotor is damaged, a user thus can replace it without having to replace both. The CXS pump also monitors its own temperature and does not begin processing until it is ready. When the pump is not needed, it runs at a lower speed and power level to save energy. The pump is designed to require an exceptionally low level of energy for operation.

Positive-displacement pump facilitates maintenance

Moyno’s Moyno 1000 close-coupled positive-displacement pump is designed to provide more versatility and performance advantages than other types of positive-displacement pumps. The pump’s two-piece drive shaft facilitates assembly, maintenance, and access to the mechanical seal. The drive-shaft configuration eliminates the need to disassemble the pump completely when servicing the mechanical seal. In addition, the machine’s pin-type universal joint is sealed and lubricated, which lengthens the device’s service life and reduces maintenance requirements.

The Moyno 1000 pump provides smooth, nonpulsating flow at rates from 0.38 to 320 gpm. The unit is also designed for low-shear pumping action and provides pressures as high as 350 psi. The pump can handle viscosities as great as 1,000,000 cps and fluid temperatures as high as 350 °F. The unit’s compact configuration is appropriate for areas with limited space. The pump can perform applications that involve shear-sensitive chemicals, pharmaceutical pastes, and lotions.