Orally Disintegrating Technology Provides Both Formulating Challenges and Opportunities

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Drug manufacturers today are increasingly challenged to find new, effective methods for the delivery of active pharmaceutical ingredients, and many are discovering that orally disintegrating technologies can help.

Nick Johnson, strategic marketing director for modified-release technologies at Catalent Pharma Solutions, spoke with Cynthia Challener, editor of the Pharmaceutical Sciences, Manufacturing & Marketplace Report, about orally disintegrating tablets and other technologies. The editorial podcast is here.

In Part One, Nick Johnson talks about the formulating challenges presented by orally disintegrating technologies.

In Part Two, Nick Johnson discusses current effective technologies for addressing the challenges of formulating orally disintregrating products.


In Part Three, Nick Johnson highlights some of the main drivers for the development of new orally disintegrating technologies.

In Part Four, Nick Johnson describes new technologies for orally disintegrating products that are under development in response to these market needs, including projects underway at Catalent Pharma Solutions.