PerkinElmer Expands Signals Platform Through Insightful Science Collaboration

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In the Lab eNewsletter, Pharmaceutical Technology's In the Lab eNewsletter 04-07-2021, Volume 16, Issue 4

The companies plan to enhance the platform’s capabilities in the biologics drug discovery space through their partnership.

PerkinElmer announced it is expanding its documentation, workflow, and decision-making Signals informatics platform to enhance its capabilities in the biologics drug discovery space following a collaboration with Insightful Science, a life sciences software company.

The platform expansion will include the offering of SnapGene and Geneious Prime software for DNA construct design, molecular cloning, and other kinds of molecular biology research; the ability to access and compare data across experiments and instruments; and the option to replicate assays and experiments immediately, PerkinElmer said in a March 17, 2021 company press release.

“There is a limited availability of IT tools in the biologics space,” said Kevin Willoe, vice-president and general manager of PerkinElmer, Informatics, in the press release. “Through our collaboration with Insightful Science, we’re able to provide enhanced informatics capabilities to scientists doing vital biologics and vaccine research. This will help significantly reduce cycle times for researchers and aid them in making data-driven decisions faster and more accurately—important capabilities when fighting foes like cancer, cardio, neurological, and viral diseases.”


"The integration of best-in-class scientific software with cloud-based data platforms is increasingly essential for modern pharmaceutical and biotech enterprises to streamline research and ensure the integrity of valuable data,” added Brett Ammundsen, CEO Bioinformatics at Insightful Science, in the press release. “The combination of SnapGene and Geneious Prime software with the PerkinElmer Signals platform powerfully enhances research workflows and enriches collaboration. Ultimately this will better connect scientists to their ideas and data, so they can focus on producing life-changing outcomes.”

Source: PerkinElmer