Peter Soelkner of Vetter

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Pharmaceutical Technology Europe

Peter Soelkner discusses Vetter?s commitment to its clients and the 2nd Vetter Drug Management Leadership Conference, 23–24 September 2009, Lindau, Germany.

Peter Soelkner discusses Vetter’s commitment to its clients and the 2nd Vetter Drug Management Leadership Conference, 23–24 September 2009, Lindau, Germany.

The international pharma and biotech industry has been undergoing major changes. Globalization and other developments have confronted us with new challenges and new opportunities as well. Several uncertainties remain, for instance: What is the future of research and development? Where are the opportunities and risks in the supply chain? That’s why it’s important to discuss the industry’s fixed points and new routes.

As a company that has been in existence for more than 50 years, we have put quite a few miles behind us. From a pharmacy, we have grown into a leading service provider. In the process, we have always looked to the left and right of the road. We never trifled, or took the path of least resistance; we have even taken the turnoffs. So we do know from our personal experience how important it is to reorient the compass. That’s why we talk regularly with experts from various segments of the industry. We look for dialogue with our customers at trade fairs and other events and, in particular, at the Vetter Drug Management Leadership Conference, the second of which has just successfully taken place. This exchange is crucial as a way to address future tasks.


We consider ourselves to be strategic partners for our customers. What this means is that, in addition to cultivating close relationships with them that go beyond our day-to-day work, we must also have the ability to work with them to elaborate solutions for the future. Our conference offers the possibility of engaging our customers and experts in a discussion about current trends and future developments in the industry. It provides all participants with crucial insights on how to react quickly and effectively to the challenges of the future. So for us, the conference is an important aspect of our close cooperation with our customers.

Sharing information and views at conferences such as ours is important to help us understand the needs of our customers. Our industry is becoming more and more globalized and having the ability to support pharmaceutical and biotech companies at an international level is becoming increasingly important. One result of the discussions with our partners about the outlook for the industry is, for instance, the new service facility that we will be opening at the end of the year in the US. The opening of this new cutting-edge Vetter Development Services (VDS) site shows Vetter’s firm, strategic commitment to the North American market by bringing state-of-the-art-technology to the heart of the US. The support VDS delivers throughout the entire product development cycle can now start earlier, and the proximity to our customers will contribute to streamlining the process and delivering the final product faster.