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Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology-09-02-2008, Volume 32, Issue 9

Brief pharmaceutical news items for September 2008.


Jenike and Johanson Redesigns Website

Jenike and Johanson (Tyngsboro, MA), a world leader in the engineering of powder and bulk-solids handling, redesigned its website ( to provide more information. The new site offers easy navigation and immediate access to a complete list of services, technical papers, and demonstration videos.

Jenike and Johanson new website.

Jenike and Johanson's series of seminars and sponsored courses is designed to train personnel involved in every aspect of solids handling and processing. The series is highlighted in illustrative educational videos. In addition, Jenike and Johanson offers numerous, in-depth case studies of its problem-solving capabilities.

LECO Posts Application Snapshots

LECO (St. Joseph, MI ) introduced a collection of "Application Snapshots" on its website that highlight samples recently analyzed by the company's application specialists. Each one-page, full-color snapshot features the type of sample analyzed, a visual chromatogram with column or instrument conditions, and a picture of the instrument used in the analysis.


LECO posted more than 50 snapshots on its website and adds more each week. Users who need specific application information can browse the site's application library or email a LECO application specialist.


Bry-Air Hires Vice-President of Engineering

Bry-Air (Sunbury, OH), a manufacturer of custom dehumidification units, hired Terrence Lansing as vice-president of engineering. Lansing will provide the leadership necessary to ensure that Bry-Air's products and services meet or exceed customer expectations.

Lansing joins Bry-Air from Avure (Kent, WA), where he managed global operations in facilities located in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Sweden, including full responsibility for engineering, manufacturing, project management, and field and customer service.


Azopharma Adds Formulations Equipment

Azopharma Product Development Group (Hollywood, FL) added innovative state-of-the-art equipment at its formulation and manufacturing division, ApiCross Drug Delivery Technologies, in Hollywood. The most recent acquisition is the MG (Fairfield, NJ) "Futura" capsule filler. The company has also added a Bausch and Strobel aseptic filling isolator to improve its powder-filling process.

These additions support Azopharma's previously implemented "Xcelodose" powder-microdosing system. With these technologies, the company can provide its clients with all forms of the capsule-filling process. The new equipment is part of Azopharma's recent manufacturing expansion, which includes 17 new manufacturing suites for cytotoxic, aseptic, and good-manufacturing-practice products.

Volkmann and Powder Technologies Open New Facility

Volkmann (Hainesport, NJ), the US subsidiary of Volkmann GmbH (Soest, Germany), and Powder Technologies (Hainesport, NJ) opened a new test facility in Hainesport. The new facility will directly serve the North American market.

The test facility conveys, screens, feeds, mixes, introduces, and reduces the size of solids in liquid and paste solutions. Testing equipment includes Volkmann's "VS" and "PPC" vacuum conveyors and Powder Technologies's "Gericke" nibblers, centrifugal sifters, continuous mixers, and bulk-bag handling equipment. By combining equipment, the companies closely replicate clients' production facilities.


DSM and Crucell Achieve Record Antibody Yield

DSM Biologics (Groningen, The Netherlands) and Crucell (Leiden, The Netherlands) produced more than 27 g/L of IgG antibodies using the "PER.C6" human-cell line and proprietary "XD" technology.

To date, the manufacture of mammalian cell culture to produce protein products has suffered from low yields and unstable platforms. The companies' achievement surpasses that of other production systems and that previously accomplished with PER.C6 technology.

PER.C6 technology could potentially affect the cost of goods for marketed products and reduce capital expenditures. The technology's high yields can reduce facilities' footprints and improve their utilization. Also, the glycosylation of monoclonal antibodies and proteins produced using PER.C6 technology is fully human.