The Pharma Top 20s (for PharmExec)

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Top 25 US Products by Sales: Lipitor clung on to the top spot but increasingly feels the impact of generic competition.

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Top 20 Global Products: Biologics are increasing apace among the top product offerings, accounting for eight of the 20 biggest selling drugs.

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Top 20 Global Therapeutic Classes: The surge in antidiabetics clearly reflects the consequences of lifestyle changes that are edging around the world.


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Top 25 Corporations by US Sales: Pfizer holds on at home despite falling Lipitor sales, but the loss of the Lipitor patent at the end of 2011 will make this lead increasingly tenuous.

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Top 25 Corporations by US Prescriptions: Increased prescribing of generics saw Watson, Amneal and Lupin Laboratories surge ahead in 2011.

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Major patent expiries in 2012.