PharmTech Poll Results: Outsourced or In-house?

Published on: 

View the results of our poll on what services companies who outsource usually decide to keep in-house.

The question:

If your company uses contract service providers and manufacturers, which function(s) do you typically keep in-house?

Your responses:


  • Discovery research (1 response)

  • Preclinical animal research

  • ADME-tox work

  • Formulation development (1 response)

  • Process development (1 response)

  • Clincial-scale manufacturing through Phase I

  • Clinical-scale manufacturing through Phase II

  • Clinical-scale manufacturing through Phase III

  • Clinical trials

  • Scale-up to commercial manufacturing (2 responses)

  • Commercial-scale manufacturing (2 responses)

  • Fill-finish

  • Other

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