Quick and easy sterile connections for single-use biopharmaceutical processing

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AseptiQuik® connectors from CPC provide easy and reliable sterile connections for single-use biopharmaceutical processing. Robust designs for 1/8®(3.2mm) to 1? (26.4mm) quickly transfer valuable media. Read the white paper.

Quick and easy sterile connections for single-use biopharmaceutical processing

AseptiQuik® connectors from CPC make single-use sterile connections faster, easier and safer than ever before. Robust, easy-to-use connector designs enable users to quickly transfer valuable media with more confidence and less risk of operator error. AseptiQuik® connectors provide reliable, sterile connections without the need for clamps, fixtures or tube welding.


The newest addition to CPC’s sterile connection technologies, genderless AseptiQuik® G connectors simplify single-use systems design and process integration. Our innovative design eliminates separate male and female components to substantially reduce complexity and support modular system design. Because the connectors are interchangeable—any single-use G series connector mates with any other G series connector—systems are more flexible and minimize supply chain complexity.

The AseptiQuik family offers the broadest range of single-use sterile connectors in the industry with flow configurations from 3.2mm to 25.4mm (1/8” to 1”). AseptiQuik’s are ideal for applications where reliability and sterility are a must—including single-use bag and tubing assemblies, cell banking systems, bioreactors, mixers, sampling, formulation and filling. White paper: "How single-use connections advance aseptic processing"