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Rapid Micro Biosystems helps companies in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and personal care products industries automate and accelerate their microbial quality control testing, often a gating factor to product release.

With offices in the US and Europe, Rapid Micro Biosystems has a singular focus on providing businesses a technology for automated rapid detection through the Growth Direct™ System.

The Growth Direct™ System, by Rapid Micro Biosystems, automates the detection and enumeration of colonies in microbial quality control in manufacturing.  The system includes 2 incubators, robotics and imaging systems that detect and enumerate microbial growth in about half the time of the traditional method.  By using the natural autoflouresence of living cells, the system “sees” colonies forming at about 100 cells, far sooner than the human eye. This allows the technology to provide results in about half the time of the traditional method while preserving the colony.

The Growth Direct™ System is designed to be a single test method for use with all the key tests in the microbial quality control lab including bioburden testing, environmental monitoring and sterility testing.  Sample preparation closely matches the existing tests, simplifying training of technicians. The technology can support all tests within one instrument, or each test within a separate unit.


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Company Name: Rapid Micro Biosystems
Address: One Oak Park Drive, Bedford, MA (USA)
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Web: www.rapidmicrobio.com
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