Rapid Micro Biosytems

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Rapid Micro Biosytems

Quality control microbiology labs in pharmaceutical manufacturing are stretched to the limit.  With increases in production lines, regulatory reporting demands and limited resources, the lab is looking for ways to become more efficient.  Lean principles have started to take hold in the lab and waste is being stripped with new technologies and more efficient processes.

Over the last decade, forward-thinking microbiology QC labs have adopted a variety of rapid microbiological method (RMM) technologies, complementing – and in some cases, replacing – the century-old manual method of incubating and counting colonies for microbial testing. Automated, non-destructive, rapid methods offer several benefits to the QC lab, including the automation of error prone tasks, non-destructive results, a more streamlined validation process, integration to LIMS as well as rapid results.  Through the creation of leaner, more efficient QC labs, these benefits have allowed several major pharmaceutical companies to increase their efficiency. Download your free copy to hear their stories!


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