Simulation Software Aids Design of Processing Equipment

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Siemens PLM Software’s STAR-CCM+ software, version 11.06, enhances simulation of bio/pharmaceutical processes.

Siemens PLM Software, a business unit of the Siemens Digital Factory Division, released the latest version of STAR-CCM+ software, version 11.06, for simulating equipment designs, including those of bio/pharmaceutical process equipment. For example, for applications such as multiphase flow through nozzles and orifices, bubbly flow, or counter-gravity flow, the Adaptive Multiple Size Group Population Balance (A-MUSIG) allows users to accurately model flows where the dispersed phase of bubbles, droplets, or particles has a varied population in terms of size. For simulations using the discrete element method (DEM), such as filtration or fluidized beds, the new software has a source smoothing technique that automatically smooths and coarsens the underlying computational fluid dynamics (CFD) mesh to make it more appropriate for DEM calculations. This provides the benefit of shortening the computational time of DEM simulations. Other features include a coarse grain DEM model, a clift drag force model and a compatibility with conduction heat transfer model. A Eulerian granular model allows maximum solid viscosity control, and a large-scale interface (LSI) model allows interface sharpening.

The new Simulation Tree Comparison feature allows side-by-side comparison of the simulation setup from two different cases. Users can easily identify differences or variations from best practices, saving time in checking their simulation setup.


Source: Siemens