Sloving Instrument Qualification in the Deep UV

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Deep UV qualification (

Qualifying a UV spectrophotometer in the deep UV presents particular problems due to a lack of suitable reference materials and variation in the optical quality of spectrophotometer cells in this region. A unique Certified Reference Material from Starna can provide reliable qualification data, even below 200nm.



The RM-DUV/195 reference material was developed by Starna Scientific in response to a request from a leading pharmaceutical company needing to qualify instrumentation in this region. Novel manufacturing techniques are used to minimise the optical variability of UV quartz below 200nm and a new proprietary reference material (TS8) was developed with suitable spectral characteristics in the region 190-230nm. The TS8 solution and a solvent blank are supplied in an identically matched pair of 10 mm far UV quartz cells. Each liquid is permanently heat-fused sealed into the cell.


The reference is certified for absorbance and wavelength qualification at approximately 191 nm, 209 nm and 226 nm. Nominal absorbance values are 1.2 A, 0.6 A and 1.0 A respectively. To allow users flexibility in use the reference is certified at two different bandwidths, 1.0 nm and 5.0 m. It is suitable for qualifying both conventional spectrophotometers and HPLC UV detectors with a cuvette option.


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