SMA OneTouch ICS

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The SMA OneTouch ICS is a computerized, automated, viable air monitoring system that controls, calibrated and precise air sampling through individual or multiple SMA Atriums®. The SMA OneTouch ICS offers fully integrated, real-time control and monitoring of every individual sampling point, you will have the complete confidence that all viable sampling is being performed accurately and effectively. Sample parameters include facility wide, sample volume, sample duration, and vacuum pump status, all of which can be directly monitored on one single interface.



The ICS installation requires minimal tubing and wiring therefore simplifying installation into new and existing facilities. Additional features include, remote monitoring by using a variety of handheld, tablet, or computerized based devises and sounds immediate audible and visual alarms if the sample is compromised or aborted. It is, assuredly, the most comprehensive monitoring system in the industry. Click here For more details.


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