In the Spotlight May 2011

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Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology-05-02-2011, Volume 35, Issue 5

Editor's picks of analytical instrumentation products for May 2011.

Consumers may think of a package as little more than a container bearing company and product names. Pharmaceutical firms, however, undestand that packaging can perform many functions (e.g., simplifying patient compliance or maintaining product temperature). This month's products help ensure that drug packaging fulfills manufacturers' requirements. Two self-contained machines from Bosch perform the whole filling and closing process for ampuls and vials. An instrument from PTI Inspection Systems checks for defects in packaging that might be difficult to spot. Prefilled syringes from Globe Medical Tech help improve patient compliance.

Ampul-filling machine reduces particle generation

Bosch's ARF 1010 and ARF 1020 machines can process open and closed ampuls, or open ampuls in combination with vials. The units perform the entire filling and closing process—customers do not need a separate machine to overcap vials. The ARF 1010 unit has a one-position filling station, and a version with a two-position filling station also is available.

ARF 1010 and ARF 1020 machines Bosch Packaging Technology

Containers are suspended during transport in the starwheel. This design ensures that transport is gentle and protects vials from scratches and cosmetic damage. At the closing station, a special holder rotates injection vials for closing, rather than rotating the vials' caps. This feature, combined with the gentle transport, reduces particle generation.

The unit's digital flow meter is designed to ensure the reproduction of flame regulation for the closing of the ampuls. The flame is ignited automatically and can be activated easily from the machine's operator interface.

Sensitive system detects leaks

The HVLD Micro Leak Detection System from PTI Inspection Systems and Nikka Densok USA provides a nondestructive means of detecting pinholes, cracks, and defective seals in pharmaceutical packaging. The device's electrode probes scan glass, plastic, and poly laminate containers that are filled at least 30% with liquid. Differences in current flow indicate breaches in the container. HVLD can be used on various liquid-based products, including suspensions, emulsions, and proteins. The offline laboratory unit helps personnel determine the approximate location of the breach.

HVLD Micro Leak Detection system PTI Inspection Systems

Prefilled syringes enhance safety

Globe Medical Tech's dual- and single-chamber prefilled syringes are designed to enhance safety. The syringes' integrated needle-stick prevention feature and vacuum needle autoretraction technology provide full compliance with US and European safety regulations. After injection, the needle is retracted into the syringe body with a gentle push on the plunger. The syringe does not need any activation (e.g., twisting or capping) to engage the safety and contains no springs or metal components.

Prefilled syringes Globe Medical Tech

In combination with material and lubricant selections, the single- and dual-chamber syringes help maximize pharmaceutical compatibility. The dual-chamber syringe maintains the pharmaceutical components in separate chambers, thus extending the shelf life of some drugs. The syringes are made with medical-grade plastics that comply with FDA and international pharmacopoeial regulations. The plastics are compatible with a wide range of pharmaceutical drugs, and the components offer biocompatibility and low leachability. The syringes are designed to reduce dosing errors and contamination.