In the Spotlight November 2010

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Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology-11-02-2010, Volume 34, Issue 11

Editors' picks of pharmaceutical science and technology innovations.

Controlling sophisticated equipment, analyzing large amounts of data, and generating reports are just a few of the tasks that drugmakers rely on software to execute. Information technology performs calcluations much faster than humans can, thus saving time and improving companies' understanding of their products and processes. This month's products illustrate some of the ways that software can aid pharmaceutical manufacturers. Copley Scientific's solution analyzes quality-control data. SyTech's software presents information in a familiar format that is easily shared. A module from Emerson uses predictive diagnostics and provides real-time analysis of asset health.

Software provides improved data analysis

Copley Scientific (Nottingham, UK) has introduced a new version of its Copley Inhaler Testing Data Analysis Software (CITDAS), which analyzes and reports aerodynamic particle-size distribution data from cascade impaction for metered-dose inhalers, dry-powder inhalers, and nebulizers. The company has refined the software's algorithms to improve its accuracy. The CITDAS product now calculates mass median aerodynamic diameter to within 0.003% of the actual value and geometric standard deviation to within 0.007%.

Copley Inhaler Testing Data Analysis Software Copley Scientific

The new version of CITDAS also allows users to select the preseparator as a reporting group for the Andersen cascade impactor and next-generation impactor. This feature is intended to enable users to report results in the most relevant way.

In addition, the software is now available with the new Waters Empower import spreadsheet, which removes the need to transfer chromatography results manually into the software during data workup. The spreadsheet is designed to save time and reduce the chance for error.

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Software manages asset performance in real time

Emerson Process Management (Austin, TX) has added an Asset Performance Management (APM) module to its AMS Suite. The APM module combines predictive diagnostic information from the AMS Suite's Device Manager and AMS Machinery Manager applications with information from a company's enterprise asset planning system. The module is designed to provide real-time analysis and reporting for asset health and availability.

Asset Performance Management module Emerson Process Management

The software enables clients to create key performance indicators and monitor overall equipment effectiveness. If asset performance deteriorates, the software sends email notifications to specified employees at the plant and enterprise levels.

Reporting software offers analytical capabilities

The Team edition of SyTech's (Franklin, MA) XLReporter production-reporting and data-analysis software retrieves information collected by common data historians and databases. The software is based in Microsoft Excel and provides additional functions such as dynamic-range calculation, data export, and workbook and worksheet management. The system compiles statistics and measures parameters such as machine utilization, consumption, and equipment efficiency. The software also works with analyses produced by industrial historians.

XLReporter software SyTech

Any client on a network can produce consistently formatted reports and share the results with other departments. Managers can run high-level reports from their office without having to visit the factory floor to stay informed. Users can program the software to deliver reports automatically to desktops, printers, smart phones, and email accounts. Reports also can be viewed from Team clients. The product integrates easily into existing data systems without requiring additional hardware. In addition, the software supports industry data standards.