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Product handling with system- meeting your needs in the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food and semiconductor industries, in process plant construction and general manufacturing.



Müller drums and containers
Powders, pellets, tablets, pastes or liquid media: nothing ever stays very long in one place – everything is moved, stored, transferred and processed before being filled into retail packages. Müller containers are not fazed by any of these tasks. We have the right container in the right quality to match all your needs.



Müller handling equipment
Equipment, containers and handling methods must all be harmonized to work together. Our handling technology takes good care of your manufacturing process – from the receiving dock right through to the shipping department.


Müller powder handling
When handling powder, the special challenge is to ensure dust-free docking. The Müller system relies on a silicone elastomer ring with a special lip seal to ensure that the docking procedure is reliable, dust free and flexible.


Müller Containment Valve MCV
Ingenious details make a perfect whole: Whether operated manually or by an actuator, the Mueller Containment Valve ensures that your toxic or highly potent products flow safely – from the intermediate bulk container into the process line and back into a container again. All this up to OEB Level 5 (< 1 μg/m3). You can choose between valve sizes DN65, DN100, DN150, DN200 and DN250.


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