Standardized Tablet Coater Offers Cost-Efficiency

Published on: 

Lödige Process Technology introduced the LC light series of tablet coaters that use as standardized design to provide cost-efficient models with faster delivery times than its customized LC series. 

The new coater model uses the key technologies found in the LC series, including the air-guiding system, nozzles made by Düsen-Schlick, and a nozzle arm that permits adaptation of the nozzle position to the tablet bed. In the air-guiding system, air flows through a distributor pipe and around the coater drum, entering the drum along a large circumference, which creates an even, low-turbulence air flow in the coater to optimize coating. It also prevents contamination in the coater interior, on the nozzles, or on the nozzle arm. The nozzle arm adjustability allows users to optimize the spraying distance and angle at any time.


Source: Lödige Process Technology