Sterile Disposable Garments

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VAI's sterile disposable garment lines meet the needs of any operation. Our garments consist of two fabric types that are constructed identically but cited for two different uses. Our 1600 line is composed of a non-woven SMS fabric that is comfortable, breathable, and has excellent bacteria filtration efficiency. Our 1700 line is composed of a non-woven, MicroPorous coated material that is impervious, has excellent particulate performance, and is CE marked. Both lines contain elastic thumb loops, tunnelized elastic wrists and ankles, athletic styling, and a 5 year closed bag sterility assurance. Available garments include coveralls, hoods, frocks, boots, and sleeves.


VAI's garments are folded in our patented Easy2Gown® fold. Easy2Gown allows proper aseptic gowning to be an easy process instead of a routine challenge. With this fold, the inside of the gown is presented to keep the sterile outside protected from the transfer of contamination during the gowning process.


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