Syloid®FP silica excipients — more than just Silica

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Silica, silicon dioxide (USP) or colloidal silica (EP) is generally only mentioned in literature today as an excipient to improve flow properties and in some cases as a hydrophilic lubricant.

Silica, silicon dioxide (USP) or colloidal silica (EP) is generally only mentioned in literature today as an excipient to improve flow properties and in some cases as a hydrophilic lubricant.

SYLOID® FP silica, however, is efficient in many pharmaceutical applications due to its unique morphology. It has a highly developed network of meso-pores that provide access to the large surface area that defines its performance. SYLOID® FP silica’s’ unique combination of adsorption capacity, meso-porosity, particle size and surface morphology allows it to provide several functions simultaneously by improving the flow properties, promoting the consistent release of the drug and protecting it from degradation.


Carrier for Active Ingredients

The high porosity of SYLOID® FP silica’s enables them to absorb up to 300g of liquid per 100g of silica. Therefore, liquid ingredients can be easily turned into free flowing powders. This is an advantage for powders used in oral suspension dosage forms and tablets to be developed for higher API potency.


SYLOID® FP silica as a glidant can be incorporated in formulations at levels from 0.25 - 2.0% to achieve a free flowing powder that will resist sticking to the walls of your transfer system, tabletting and other equipment. The adsorptive properties of SYLOID® FP silica, along with its ease of incorporation, make it a highly effective glidant for pharmaceutical use.


Good powder flow can boost consistency during the tabletting process, reducing friability and improving tablet hardness. In most cases the unique moisture adsorption will result in quicker tabletting because of the higher resistance to capping, lamination and sticking.

During the compression cycle of the tabletting process, liquid ingredients can be forced to the surface or even caused to exude from the tablet. The large internal porosity of SYLOID® FP silica provides greater capacity for any liquid ingredients that may be included in your formulation, which can prevent the occurrence of the above problems


Moisture Scavenger / Protector

Trace quantities of moisture can affect your formulation in many ways such as degradation of your API or by causing reactions between your ingredients or decreasing shelf life. Using SYLOID® FP silica as a strong desiccant will increase the stability of moisture-sensitive APIs

Other Advantages:

Ease of Handling and Dispersion

The higher density of SYLOID® FP silica, when compared to many fumed (colloidal) silicas, makes it easier to handle, results in less dust for a cleaner production environment resulting in reduced risk of cross-contamination. In most cases it also eliminates the need for sieving prior to usage.

Compendia Compliance & IPEA Certification

SYLOID® FP silica grades are manufactured with the quality certification of IPEA excipient GMP and certified to meet the test requirements as published in the latest editions by United States Pharmacopoeia-National Formulary (USP-NF) for Silicon Dioxide, Japanese Pharmaceutical Excipients (JPE) for Hydrated Silicon Dioxide and the European Pharmacopoeia (EP) for Silica, Colloidal Hydrated.

Please contact us for further details of the SYLOID® FP silica range and to discuss how it can improve your formulations.

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