Tablet Elevator Improves Ergonomics of Tablet Counters or Packaging Machines

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NJM Packaging's redesigned tablet elevator increases throughput with a smaller footprint.

NJM Packaging's TE 20 tablet elevator automatically elevates and feeds bulk product to a tablet counter or blister-packaging machine to improve worker ergonomics. Compared to the previous model TE 10, the TE 20 features a completely new design that achieves more than twice the throughput in almost half the floorspace.

An operator loads product into the hopper at a comfortably low height. A patent-pending, stepper-driven rotary-gate feeder transfers product from the hopper to a small bucket via a chute with sieve holes and a vacuum system that collects dust and chips, which is especially important for uncoated tablets. A sensor in the bucket identifies when the bucket is full and automatically actuates the patent-pending magnetic belt that lifts the bucket up to feed the product to the packaging machine. The TE 20 handles up to 24,000 tablets per minute, based on 17-mm-size tablets, within a compact footprint that is only 48 in. (122 cm) long and 27 in. (69 cm) wide. One TE 20 can feed NJM's Cremer CFS-622 tablet counter equipped with up to four counting modules, and two side-by-side TE 20s feed a Cremer CFI-622 tablet counter with five to eight counting modules.

The stainless steel TE 20 features a standard hopper with a 4-ft3 (113-L) capacity or an optional hopper with a 7-ft3 (198-L) capacity. The standard hopper offers approximately 9 minutes of autonomy, depending on the tablet size, when running at its maximum speed. A low-level sensor alerts the operator to fill the hopper via a beacon light. The hopper size can easily be changed in the field, allowing the TE 20 to expand as needs grow.


Designed with cGMP in mind, the TE 20 is on caster wheels so it can be rolled back from the packaging machine it feeds. All the product contact parts-the hopper, the bucket and the chute-slide out for removal and cleaning, with no tools required. Interlocking Lexan doors surround the lifting area to maximize worker safety and a Lexan door covers the hopper to help protect product quality. Compared to tablet elevators with mechanical vibrators, the TE 20, with its rotary-gate feeder, offers quiet operation and reliable performance. The 304 stainless steel with electropolished product contact parts meet FDA approval for use by pharmaceutical and nutraceutical product manufacturers and contract packers.

Source: NJM Packaging