The New Digital Era for Formulation Development

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Pharmaceutical Technology, Trends in Formulation, October 2023 eBook, Volume 2023 eBook, Issue 5
Pages: 4-10

A new generation of interactive formulation development platforms can leave trial and error in the formulation process in the past.

Development of any new drug product from concept to commercialization requires detailed understanding of drug properties, excipients, manufacturing processes, analytical methods, and regulatory requirements in target markets. Solid oral dosage forms are the preferred delivery route, and it is vital to select the right core excipients early in the development process to ensure stability, performance quality attributes, patient acceptance, and manufacturability.

Self-service digital platforms are designed to address the complexity of developing a new drug product, through automating formulation and process recommendations.


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Shahrzad Missaghi, PhD, is senior manager—Product Development, and Jason Hansell is global technical excellence manager; both at Colorcon.

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Pharmaceutical Technology
eBook: Trends in Formulation 2023
October 2023
Pages: 4–10


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