Ultrasonic Cleaning System

Clean, rinse and dry your manufacturing equipment in minutes! Your cleaning process doesn?t have to be a hassle ? get a more thorough cleaning in 3 easy steps.

Natoli Ultrasonic Cleaning System Improves Tool Life with Unmatched Cleaning Power

An effective cleaning program maximizes the longevity of your tablet compression tooling. Ultrasonic cleaning units complete this crucial maintenance step more quickly, thoroughly and cost-effectively than manual cleaning.

Natoli Engineering’s Ultrasonic Cleaning System has features that improve the cleaning process even more, including a convenient side-by-side design that makes transfers from washing to rinsing to drying quick and easy, and reduces the risk of tool damage during handling.

Additionally, the wash unit offers 1000 watts of Ultrasonic power and includes filtration. The drying unit features an additional air wand to ensure drying of the punch heads and a blower to dry the punch cups, ensuring that there isn’t any water left in the cups, barrels or keys.

Prolong the life of your tooling by cleaning it with the safest, fastest, and most comprehensive Ultrasonic cleaning solution available to the tablet compression industry.

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