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The Virtual Isolator – an innovative decision-making toolthat contributes to risk management throughout project development. Try Getinge La Calhene’s Virtual Isolator on Getinge’s stand at Achema 2015 in Frankfurt (June 15-19).

© Philippe Stroppa / CEA – Dec 2013


Getinge La Calhène aims for continuous improvement of its product lifecycle management, to meet the needs of the market and promote innovation with improved risk control.


That’s why the company decided to work with the Virtual Reality team at CEA LIST on the  Virtual Isolator concept– to boost fast efficient decision-making during the design phase, for improved control of costs, quality and project delivery.



The dedicated Virtual Reality area in Getinge La Calhene’s Vendome facility features an “immersive space” for Virtual Reality simulations on numerical models of isolators at Scale 1, which go well beyond simple visualization of geometrical data.


Getinge La Calhene uses Virtual Reality at various stages of the design process, for instance during the pre-design phase when clients can visualize and test existing concepts, in order to refine and validate their needs.


Virtual products can be integrated into the design process between the design definition in CAD and the physical realization of the project. Customers can assess their future product on the basis of a virtual mock-up or prototype, depending on the level of interaction desired.


The virtual mock-up can also be used to validate the aesthetic qualities of the isolator project and for training purposes.


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