Pharmaceutical Technology-05-01-2006

Pharmaceutical Technology

Any aseptic processing technology that allows intervention by gowned personnel during operation cannot be considered an advanced technology. Although a standardized definition of restricted access barrier systems has been developed, these systems fall well short of being classfied as advanced technologies.

The author explores the importance of the proposals to revise Annex 1 of the EU GMPs in the context of the desire for science-based, internationally respected GMPs. Commentary also is provided about the relationship between this annex and CEN–ISO cleanroom standards.

Pharmaceutical Technology

Model organisms are useful when validating sterile filtration, but successful retention of the model organism does not always guarantee that effluent is sterile. The authors explore the various factors that influence sterile filtration.

Calculations show the predicted contamination levels in cleanrooms with turbulent mixing air and with vertical unidirectional airflow when people are dressed in modern cleanroom clothing systems. Comparisons are made between operation theatres and cleanrooms.

Pharmaceutical Technology

The industry has acknowledged only recently the significance of the contamination risk posed by humans. The authors assert that this realization, together with technological advances, will lead to the elimination of human intervention and, hence, improved sterility.

There are few, if any, valid reasons not to install an isolator in a new aseptic processing facility.