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Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology-12-01-2004, Volume 2004 Supplement, Issue 8

Corporate description

Admix provides solutions to your toughest mixing challenges. We understand your mixing application and have the field service experience and ingredient blending expertise to assist you with your formulation. Our sanitary mixers suit all your mixing, blending, and particle size reduction needs whether you require intank batch mixing, inline mixing and milling, or powder induction. We can improve productivity and consistency, increase profitability, and lower maintenance and formulation costs.

Our sanitary designs meet the newest and toughest hygienic and safety standards for GMP facilities. Many of our products have received the new 3-A third party verification (TPV) certification and comply with CGMP stringent standards. Factory acceptance testing (FAT), QA, and validation documentation packages are available.

Major products/markets served

Batch processing: pharmaceutical grade stainless motors are available where an internal proximity sensor can be installed to read actual motor shaft speed with digital readout (DRO) either on the unit or remotely mounted.

  • Rotosolver® high-shear disperser features a unique, obstruction-free design that can be completely cleaned without disassembly and has no wearing parts in product zone. Available in corrosion-free stainless steel configurations, including the motor and drive frame, from 0.5-HP laboratory models through 100-HP production sizes.

  • Rotomaxx™ was recently introduced to meet your requirements for higher torque and larger volume mix and holding tanks, capable of processing as many as 10,000 gal at viscosities up to 10,000 cps.

  • Rotomixx® portable batch mixer handles tank volumes as many as 3000 gal and viscosities up to 5000 cps.

In-line mixing and milling: complete line available to meet your inline continuous processing needs ranging from low-shear blending to high-shear mixing and milling and particle size reduction.

  • Admixer™ low-shear static mixer excels at processing any combination of miscible fluids.

  • DynaShear® high-shear mixer provides maximum flow and shear capability through a unique two-stage design featuring both axial and radial stators with average droplets of 3-5 µm with 98% distribution less than 5 µm.

  • Boston Shearpump® high-shear mixer is capable of processing very high throughputs at extreme shear rates producing an average droplet size of 2-3 µm. And where product refinement is at its most critical, and particle or droplet size in the 1-µm range are absolutely essential, the Boston Shearmill™ gets the job done.

Powder induction: VacuShear vacuum liquid-processor reduces aeration, foaming, and dusting during ingredient mixing. It substantially reduces clean-up time, and the high maintenance required by conventional bottom entry liqui-processors. Vacu-Shear also provides a dust-free environment, and is configured to reduce back strain and climbing accidents.

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