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Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology-12-01-2004, Volume 2004 Supplement, Issue 8


Corporate description

Cargill Incorporated is an international marketer, processor, and distributor of agricultural, food, health, financial, and industrial products and services with almost 100,000 employees in 61 countries. Cargill provides distinctive customer solutions in supply chain management, food applications, and health and nutrition.

Cargill's Food and Pharma Specialties (FPS)-North America, along with Cargill's Cerestar Food and Pharma Specialties-Europe, combine to offer the pharmaceutical market a global product and solutions approach.

FPS collaborates with other Cargill business units to develop ingredient systems and excipient solutions for pharmaceutical formulations, nutrition, and health care.


Technical services

Unlock the potential of starch inside your product.From idea to trial to finished product, the door is open to our respected application center in Vilvoorde, Belgium, for worldwide research and development support for pharmaceutical products.

The Application Center is equipped with state-ofthe-art technology such as instrumented tableting machines, high-shear mixers, fluid-bed dryers, colloidal vacuum mixers, and pilot equipment for producing medicated confections. In addition, several laboratories allow our experts to perform all analyses and quality control checks on site.

Other unique services include an on-line patent research service,and a constantly expanding series of n e tworked databases that provide releva nt access to our unique product and application know-how.

The Application Center also maintains close links with a number of universities, research centres, independent consultants,and government bodies.

Regular collaboration with these groups ensures up-to-date knowledge of technical and scientific developments as well as legal aspects of new product development.

From our Application Center in Vilvoorde to our North American Technical Support Center in Hammond, we'll support your worldwide manufacturing operations.

Major products

FPS supplies the pharmaceutical industry with highquality products based on starch and its derivatives.A full line of specialty starches for pharmaceutical formulations include:

  • native and pregelatinized starches: the most traditional excipients for solid dosage forms, acting as a binder, diluent, and/or disintegrant

  • maltodextrins: excipients for direct compression and wet granulation, bulking agents, clinical nutrition, therapeutic foods

  • polyols: excipients, stabilizers, and sweeteners including erythritol, isomalt, maltitol, mannitol, sorbitol, and xylitol

  • dextroses: tablet excipients,bulking agents, solutions, parenteral nutrition, and dialysis

  • cyclodextrins: stabilization, solubilization, and enhanced bioavailability of apolar drugs

  • lecithin: nutritional supplement rich in phospholipids, emulsifier

Cargill's newest product developments include DC Mannidex 16702 directly compressible mannitol and DC 93000 directly compressible starch, a leading pregel binder for tablet hardness, disintegration, flowability, and high tableting speeds.

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