Agilent’s New Flow Cytometer Enhances Cell Analysis

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Pharmaceutical Technology's In the Lab eNewsletter

In the Lab eNewsletter, Pharmaceutical Technology\'s In the Lab eNewsletter-07-02-2019, Volume 14, Issue 7

The new flow cytometer system boasts enhanced sensitivity and user-friendly features.

Agilent Technologies’ newest product from its recent acquisition of ACEA Biosciences, a developer of cell analysis instruments for life-science research and clinical diagnostics, is the Agilent NovoCyte Advanteon Flow Cytometer. The company states that the new flow cytometer is one of the most sensitive cell analyzers on the market today.

Flow cytometers are integral to basic research, drug discovery, and clinical diagnostics, and the NovoCyte Advanteon can handle increasingly sophisticated multi-color flow cytometry assays and can provide enhanced sensitivity, resolution, detection speed, and flexibility of fluorescent channels, according to the company.

The product can be configured with one, two, or three lasers and up to 21 fluorescence channels. It has a formidable 7.2 log dynamic range, combined with fully automated compensation features, which enables users to pick up both dim and bright signals in the same run. The system can easily discern particles in the range of 100 nanometers and employs an intuitive analytical software package. The system can be fully automated and is user-friendly.

"Building on the success of the NovoCyte and the NovoCyte Quanteon flow cytometers, we are excited to introduce the NovoCyte Advanteon Flow Cytometer," said Xiaobo Wang, PhD, who joined Agilent from ACEA as general manager of the Flow Cytometry and Real-Time Cell Analysis Business, in a company press release.


"With the addition of the NovoCyte Advanteon to our portfolio, Agilent has again demonstrated its commitment to providing trusted cell analysis solutions to life-science laboratories around the world," added Todd Christian, vice-president and general manager of Agilent's cell analysis division, in the press release. "We believe the advanced capabilities and flexibility of the NovoCyte Advanteon technology will provide a superior customer experience for flow cytometry assays and help democratize the adoption of flow cytometers across a broad range of cell analysis applications."

Agilent introduced the new flow cytometer at the 34th Congress of the International Society for Advancement of Cytometry, CYTO 2019 Congress, held on June 22–26, 2019 in Vancouver, Canada.

Source: Agilent Technologies